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This website is a one stop repository of all information required to access the Public Safety Network, learn more information about it, understand how it operates, who uses it and

what requirements are set out to access communications via the PSN - previously known as the Government Radio Network (GRN).

We also offer access to exclusive live streams to the PSN - which means you dont need to invest upwards of a thousand dollars for your own equipment and software.

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What is the PSN?

The Government recently changed the NSW communications network used by a multitude of emergency and non-emergency agencies. This includes private companies such as Electric Companies, shopping centers and any other companies with the need to communicate over long distances via two-way radio.

Its using technology called P25 (Project 25) but is also referred to as APCO25 and is now the national standard in New South Wales and some other states.Those systems are referred to as Trunked Systems - remember that term. Trunking is an essential part of the PSN or previously GRN.

Phase I or Phase II?

The latest upgrades have seen the PSN move to the Phase II system. The full technical description is APCO25 Phase I or II.

While some systems still use Phase I a majority of broadcast towers have now been upgraded (or enabled) Phase II. Some temporarily run on both systems at the same time. However, in order for a hobbyist to continue to listen to the PSN and its users, a Phase II capable scanner is an absolute requirement.

If you are in the market of buying a scanner ensure it is capable of receving APCO25 digital AND Phase II. Otherwise all you`d be able to listen to is Aviation, the occasional user still on Phase I and CB radio communications.

The PSN and Talkgroups

When in operation and used by agencies, talkgroups allow the logical grouping of radio users to ensure they can communicate with each other. Inside a talkgroup sharing takes place to allow all radio users of a specific talkgroup to speak to one another and to the operator if applicable.

If a user in for example the SES broadcasts a message in one of their assigned talk groups, all other users on that talk group are able to hear that message.

Think of it like a WhatsApp group. In scanning context this is important as we must know who the talkgroups belong to, lable each talk group and categorise it to understand who is being listened to.

Encryption Explained

The NSW Police force went ENC (encrypted) in the mid 2010s. This stops unwanted listeners to monitor those talkgroups, the unintended side effect is that the lack of oversight may breed corruption, coverups and secrecy. Everyone agrees that some channels are not meant for public ears such as special operations groups, drug enforcement, etc. However for most others it is merely a nuicance. Encryption works by using cryptographic algorithms, a topic which is complex but in simple terms, there are several different types of encryption methods such as end to end, Asymmetric Encryption and Symmetric Encryption.

Keys ti decode the encrypted voice channels are changed frequently and nearly impossible to break. Most importantly it is also HIGHLY illegal and any successful person with for example a stolen radio would get caught within hours as your location would be broadcast to everyone on that encrypted talkgroup.

I am not a lawyer but expect to spend many years in jail. Please do NOT email us asking how to decrypt transmissions. Those emails are marked as spam.

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